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The Dixie Archaeology Society is a group of individuals whose purpose is to educate the public regarding archaeological resources, especially rock art, within Utah, the Arizona Strip and Southern Nevada.

 We accomplish our goal by:

1) Having monthly meetings with lectures from area experts

2) Having monthly field trips to local archaeological sites, lead by knowledgeable persons who can offer some level of interpretation

 We believe that the preservation of rock art as well as other archaeological sites lies in education. This education must involve both lectures and class room teaching but also “hands on” experience. This also means that the public must be able to visit archaeological sites and view them “in situ” in order to appreciate value of the resource.

 We believe that archaeological sites must remain open to the public for them to gain the full appreciation of “those who came before”. We must strive to make each site a “living museum”.



Shivwits Toy Drive

The Dixie Archaeology Society has traditionally supported the Shivwits Toy Drive Fundraiser. Here are three fundraising hikes coming up soon.

Shivwits Toy Drive Hike at Anasazi Trailhead
Saturday, November 30th
10 am to 12 pm
Shivwits Band Member Glenn Rogers will guide a short hike on the Tumpi'po'op Trail to petroglyph panels above the Santa Clara River. Please join us in supporting the annual Shivwits Toy Drive Fundraiser. Read More


Boma Johnson

(1939 - 2019)

We lost a good and valued friend recently. Boma Johnson passed this last August.

Boma helped us all learn about and appreciate archaeology, Native cultures and how they are so closely interrelated in the Southwest. He also helped us understand the geology of the St. George region.

He was an archaeologist, teacher and story teller who greatly influenced the Dixie Archaeology Society and every one of its many members for the 20 years he an Kat lived in St. George.

He will be missed. 

Rest in Peace my friend.

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